New York Summer

Wishing Away Time

Wishing Away Time

In exactly 25 days, I’ll be moving again. I arrived in Boston just shy of two years ago and if I had to, I…

Simple Living

Tiny or Dysfunctional?

Tiny or Dysfunctional?

Our summer rental, a teensy bungalow nestled in the 1000 Islands region of Northern New York, is about 500 square feet in size. It’s…


Pillow Hoarders

I’ve been in the process of downsizing for about four years now. And by downsizing, I mean moving around so much that I never…

Throwback Adventures

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That’s right, I’ve joined  the juicing crowd. Friends and family have always told me great things about their experience with it, so I’m intrigued…


Library Card Collection

Confession: I hate paying for books (they’d be a pain the ass to tote around the country anyway). With each move I’ve made has…

Moving Boxes

Are Used Moving Boxes Worth It?

If you’ve done any reading about saving some mula when moving, you’ve heard this handy tip: nab boxes for free from local stores. I…